Get Ready to Get Results!

Are you ready to get results for your business? Me too!! My name is Angie Abbott and I am the founder of Strategeez Marketing, which I officially launched in the Spring of 2017 after spending more than 10 years working for The Post-Star newspaper as their Online Marketing Manager. In my previous role, I encountered hundreds of businesses along the way and worked with owners one-on-one to assist with their digital needs.

As a digital business adviser for many Upstate New York companies I was assessing their needs and coming up with a strategy that worked to get results and the best ROI possible. Sometimes this meant solidifying their brand identity, or building a responsive website, while other times it meant creating a social media marketing plan to correspond with an existing digital ad campaign. I enjoyed meeting each business owner, but saw three common themes when it came to dealing with their digital goals:

  1. Many simply do not have the time or staff to manage their digital presence, whether it be a website, social media, or managing their online reputation.
  2. What they really wanted was a no-nonsense explanation about what was needed for their businesses’ digital presence.
  3. They wanted that information and all results communicated in a language they could understand.

My take away: Business owners are amazing, and they all want to do what they set out to do… run a successful business in their niche. They don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to implement marketing strategies, or trying to figure out what they are paying for and what it means to their bottom line. And, they don’t appreciate constantly being bombarded with e-mails, phone calls and sales flyers about the latest trend that they must be a part of or their business is no longer “relevant” online.

Too many marketing firms and design companies are talking over their clients’ heads and steering them into cookie-cutter products that do not get results. That’s why I decided to start Strategeez Marketing.

At Strategeez Marketing we always listen first to your needs, goals and expectations before evaluating a variety of marketing communications tools, and choosing those that are best suited to your business. We then combine those tools to create meaningful, effective marketing for optimal results. We will always take the time to explain our services, fees and/or any other sources of confusion for those of you who opt to become our client. We want to make sure you know what you’re paying for and understand how your project will be handled, whether it be website design, digital marketing or general web consulting services. We will take the time to speak to you in language you can understand and promise to provide a common sense approach to what your business needs, all the while keeping your budgeting constraints in mind. We will not push you to purchase services that either don’t make sense financially, or aren’t going to yield results.

If you’re ready to grow your business, reach out to today to schedule a free consultation. Strategeez Marketing is unlike most consulting companies: in addition to providing a free strategy session, which will actually help you in building your business from day 1, we also believe that there is no one solution fits all approach to marketing your business. We have one goal – to get you RESULTS!